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August Birthday time....we want to wish the following volunteers a Happy Birthday!

Olga Perez, Robert Scott, Mildred Reed,

Robin Exelby, Jeannie Marie Gratz,

Nancy Bottomley, Clarence Hill, Hazel Bethea,

Peggy Wilfong, Eileen Edly, Jim Ruthowski,

Joan Alvarado, Alice Seely, Norma Fritsch,

James Kenny, Adrienne Brendle, Marilyn Beach,

Gail Harvey, Geraldine Krumm, Judy Kenny, Beverly Zetterholm, Mary Biasi, Roger Phillips, Jack Skinner,

Wendy Stanley, Michael Perry, Gene Klco,

Charlene Seifert, Konnie, Sutton, Susanne Mannino, Nancy Ecklebarger, Doris Franklin, Jessie Smith